Duke's Diary

What has Duke been up to this week? The diaries of a gundog in training.


Welcome to Duke's Diary

June 29th 2021

Welcome to Duke's Diary! My name is Duke and I'm the best boy who loves food, going for long walks and playing in water.

My mum told me that I have to update you all on how my week has been and how well I have been behaving...Anyone who knows me knows that I am perfect and never misbehave!

This week I've been enjoying sunning myself in the garden and I've started listening to my mum again. She said that for the last 2 months since my manhood appeared I have been ignoring her, well who would blame me? I'll go home when I'M ready. But anyways, I've been coming back to the whistle because it's too hot to run away from mum.

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